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Lake Havasu City and the Colorado River Valley are well known for summer heat that some people might call excessive. But, as locals say, it is a dry heat. And the response to that comment by snow birds heading north come June is that so is the oven.

Don’t let summer heat deter you from enjoying a delightful weekend or vacation at Crazy Horse Campground on the island in Lake Havasu City. We have RV spaces, campsites and cabins as well as trailer rentals, a fully stocked general store, laundromat, rec room, swimming pool and BOAT LAUNCH.

Beautiful and scenic 45-mile long Lake Havasu Lake Havasu is rate as one of Arizona’s top ten attractions. It is estimated that more than 2,500,000 sun loving people flock to the lake every year. And with more than 450 miles of shorline that includes shaded picturesque canyons and secluded coves there is endless opportunity for aquatic adventutre.

If you prefer to blend your time on the lake with a litle air conditioned fun, well that can be added to your holiday plans. On the opposite of the lake is Havasul Lake Resort & Casino.

Also located on the island are several boat and jet ski rental companies. And the world famous London Bridge and charming English Village with an ecclectic array of restaurants and pubs are less than two miles away.

And what better way to stay cool than with a tall craft beer, good food and lively conversation with friends as the sun sinks in the west? The acclaimed and award winning Mudshark Brewery and Public House, Arizona’s number one solar powered brewery, is less than four miles away.

Counted among the many surprises for the first time visitor is the short day trips to places such as the pine forested oasis of Hualapai Mountain Park. This mountain top retreat with lodge that offers fine dining, motel, and miles of shade dappled trails is just 75 miles away.

Add another sixty miles and you can visit Grand Canyon Caverns. This iconic roadside attraction along Route 66 is a perfect beat the heat day trip. Inside the caverns the temperature is 58 degrees year round, and you can dine above or below ground. And as the old caverns resort sits at an elevation of 5,500 feet, you are assured temperatures twenty or even thirty degrees cooler than Lake Havasu City.

Discovered in 1927, the caverns mirrors the evolution of Route 66. In the 1950s it was the second most visited attraction in the state of Arizona. Within one year of Route 66 being bypassed in 1978, business dropped by 75%. Within a decde the property was a forlorn relic. And then with the Route 66 renaissance the caverns complex was transformed in a gem, a tangible link to the era of I Like Ike buttons, tail fins and road trips in the family station wagon.

Lake Havasu City is a vacation destination in any season. But during the months of summer the town has an infectious vibrancy.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America