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Lake Havasu City on the banks of picturesque Lake Havasu is a destination for snow birds who prefer mild winter days under the Arizona sun. And it is also a destination for people who enjoy water sports, craft beer, a diverse array of events, desert exploration, hiking, mountain biking, and exciting night life.

And the premier destination for Lake Havasu City visitors is Crazy Horse Campgrounds. Located on the Island just across the London Bridge the multi-layered park offers rustic as well as modern amenities. Our campground offers lake access and beach front sites, boat or jet ski rentals, and everything needed to ensure a pleasant, memory making stay.

Sun, sand, and fun are what most often comes to mind when Lake Havasu City is mentioned. But did you know that the “island” is a tangible link to WWII history and to Mohave County’s rich aviation history?

The first airfield in Kingman, Arizona was established in 1918. That field was used as a base for the first aerial survey of the Grand Canyon.

In 1927, Western Air Express, the first company to offer passenger service in the southwest, opened a terminal and airfield in Kingman. Two years later Transcontinental Air Transport, a pioneer in providing coast to coast passenger service, opened in KIngman. Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart attended the ribbon cutting.

In mid 1942 the United States Army Air Corps established Kingman Army Airfield in Kingman. The base was a training center for navigators as well as gun crews assigned to the heavy B-17 and B-24 bombers.

The sprawling base was the hub at the center of a network of auxilliary and emergency airfields. Most of these facilities were Spartan with few amenities. Others such as the one established at Yucca included barracks, a paved landing stip, control tower, and related infrastructure.

Site Six, the island at Lake Havasu City, initially served as simple auxilliary field for emergency landings. But as it was located on the lake it evolved into a rest and recreation center for area personnel. Then, as now, it was an oasis.

A new chapter in the county’s aviation history kicks on on April 1, 2023 with the first annual Laughlin Bullhead Air Show at the Laughlin Bullhead International Airport in Bullhead City. From Lake Havasu City this is a mere 75 scenic mile drive along the Colorado River.

This exciting aviation extravaganza will celebrate the country’s aviation heritage and history. This fun, family-friendly event will feature displays from some of the most famous performers in the air show industry.

Also on the schedule are military demonstrations, vintage warbird fly overs, and civilian aerobatic displays. The free event also includes a diverse array of static ground exhibits.

Lake Havasu City is one of Arizona’s premiere destination cities for a reason. And Crazy Horse Campgrounds is a favored destination for Lake Havasu City visitors.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America