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Another sunny day in Lake Havasu City, Arizona on the Colorado River. But that really isn’t a surprise. After all, in Lake Havasu City the sun shines on average a bit more than 300 days.

And that is just one reason many refugees from snowy climates in search of a winter escape that offers both relaxation and excitement, look no further than Lake Havasu City. We are a snowbird paradise, with mild temperatures, sunny skies, and stunning scenery.

Whether you want to enjoy the lake, explore the desert, or experience the history and culture of the area, you’ll find plenty of options to suit your interests. Let’s start with the famous London Bridge, which was relocated from England in 1968.

From Crazy Horse Campground, with just a short walk you can enjoy a stunning desert sunset from the picturesque bridge. See it and the city, as well as the desert landscape from another angle with a boat tour. And in the charming English Village nestled below the bridge there are festivals as well as ample opportunity for dining or enjoying craft beer. A day spent on the golf course is another option.

The lake itself is a haven for water sports enthusiasts, who can enjoy boating or fishing. You won’t have to worry about ice, but the lake does get cold.

But if you are daring there are opportunties for kayaking, jet skiing, and more as Crazy Horse Campground has direct access to the beach and lake. And that makes the campground an ideal place to relax on the sandy beaches, or watch the sunset over the mountains.

If you’re feeling adventurous, there are miles of trails and old roads in the surrounding desert. You can hike, bike, or ride an ATV and discover a wonderland of shaded canyons, wildlife and ghost towns.

You can also take a drive on iconic Route 66 and visit the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge, which protects a diverse ecosystem of wetlands, woodlands, and sand dunes. Here you can spot birds, reptiles, mammals, and fish that call this place home.

Another way to experience the Colorado River Valley is to learn about its rich history and culture. You can visit the Lake Havasu Museum of History, which showcases the heritage of the region from Native Americans to modern times.

And then there are the lively ghost towns of Oatman and Chloride, which make for great day trips. Once booming mining communities, these charming villages are filled with vestiges from the glory days as well unique dining and shopping opportunities, and unique dining experiences.

As you can see, Lake Havasu City and the Colorado River Valley have something for everyone. And Crazy Horse Campground is your home away from home as you await the return of spring in Minnesota, Michigan, Montana, Wisconsin, or New York.

Whether you want to relax or have fun in the sun, you’ll find it here. So don’t wait any longer. Book your winter getaway at Crazy Horse Campground today. You won’t regret it!

Written by Jim Hinckleyof Jim Hinckley’s America